Solar Pool Heating

how it works

New to swimming pool solar heating systems?
Here’s how they work.

The pool’s pump motor is used to drive the water from your swimming pool up to the solar panels on the roof. The sun heats the solar pool heating panels, and as the pool water travels through the panels it absorbs the heat. Then it returns back to the swimming pool as hot water. This solar heating system uses an Auto Controller so that the solar panels only heat water when they are hot enough to do so. The Auto Controller (recommended) allows the owner to set the desired pool temperature, which turn the panels off when no heat is available.

During hot summer days you can expect a 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit increase in your pool’s temperature on a day-to-day basis. In the early Spring and late Fall it might be necessary to use a pool blanket to prevent heat loss. However, during the summer months this may not be necessary.

Our system will easily raise and maintain pool temperatures between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. With higher temperatures your swimming pool’s water chemistry may have to be closely monitored to prevent imbalance.

how pool heating works with solar panels
Close up of Terranovasolar swimming pool heating panels.

solar heating panels

Panels that soak up the sun.

The solar heating panels are made of high qual, black, EPDM rubber that is UV, chemical and weather resistant. The modular design means that the panels are pre-assembled and ready for installation on the roof.

The headers (manifolds) that supply the water to the panels are made of high density polymer (LURAN) that is also UV, chemical and weather resistant.

The manifolds are joined together using rubber couplers made of the same material as the solar heating panels. The couplers allow the manifolds to flex and prevent stress breakage from seasonal and environmental elements. Since the manifold couplers flex, yet securely fasten adjoining manifolds, there is no danger of frost separation.

putting it together

Installation done right from the start.

The solar pool heating panels are typically installed on the south-west roof section of your home or pool shed. This is the ideal location for the panels to receive ultimate sun exposure, and ultimately achieve top performance.

However, they can also be mounted on a platform built on solid ground if high or ideal roof surface is not available. You may also choose to keep your home’s roof clear from this system and opt in for the platform as your preferred choice.

Do you have more questions about our installation process? Contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Terranovasolar swimming pool heating panels installed on a roof.