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Terranovasolar provides 100% Canadian-made swimming pool solar panels and all necessary installation materials required for a complete system. You also have the option to purchase individual components yourself from local pool retailers and have us take care of the installation.

If you want to get the most out of your pool heating experience the best time to get your swimming pool solar panels installed (in Ontario) is in the early Spring months – March, April, May. As the pool season starts and gets busier it can be difficult to schedule installs to suit the customer’s time frame. However, Terranovasolar still installs during all three seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall) and we cover all of South Central Ontario.

The panels are made of high quality grade EPDM rubber that is UV, chemical and weather resistant. The modular design means that the panels are pre-assembled and ready for installation on the roof. The headers (manifolds) that supply the water to the panels are made of high density polymer (LURAN) that is also UV, chemical and weather resistant.

Refer to the chart below to help determine how many panels are required for your pool. Other factors are also considered in determining optimal panel requirements such as pool depth, wind shelter (or lack thereof), and panel location with reference to the noon-day sun. We install the panels allowing room for future expansion if necessary.

solar pool heating coverage chart

An Auto Controller (recommended) is needed to automatically determine whether to send the water to the solar panels or divert it directly back to the pool. The controller reads the solar panel temperature, the pool water temperature and the controller’s set temperature point continually during pool operation. A check valve is also required and placed in the return water lead to prevent diverted water from backing up to the panels during “no sun” spells.

The solar panels use regular 1-1/2 PVC plastic pipe to plumb the system. All pipe and fittings are standard PVC, obtainable at any hardware plumbing store. We encourage you to purchase these parts through us as we can get you the best cost with our dealers

pool heating panel close upPVC Pipe

Installation for a complete swimming pool heating system is typically completed in 5-7 hours and the solar panels start working on heating your pool by the time we leave.

Once the system is installed the running costs need to be considered. The following chart summarizes the installation cost for gas, solar and ground source heat pump systems. Notice that the sun costs nothing to run!

solar heating cost comparison chartsolar pool heating cost comparison chart large pool

The swimming pool solar panels supplied by Terranovasolar come with a manufacturer pro-rated warranty for 18 years. Other items such as controllers are covered under their own manufacturer warranty terms. Terranovasolar provides warranty on installation for the first 2 pool seasons. We will help arrange any manufacturer warranty service needed. If you need help with your warranty please give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers.

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