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Quinte West’s Preferred Swimming Pool Company for Solar Pool Heating, Maintenance and Repairs

Eliminate costly seasonal gas bills & extend your pool season with solar panels provided and installed by Terranovasolar. Your energy costs will never again increase so you can relax and soak up the sun in your heated pool. We’re ready to serve your solar pool heating needs with advise, part supply, installation, shipping information or even installation instructions for the DIY’ers. Unlike most solar pool heating providers we also offer pool opening and closing services and an annual maintenance check for your swimming pool.

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Heat your pool for free, plus increase your swim season by 4 to 6 weeks.

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Terranovasolar swimming pool heating panels installation.
Terranovasolar swimming pool heating panels warm your water for free.
Terranovasolar swimming pool heating panels use solar energy.

Three Reasons to Go Solar


Save Money

Other conventional methods for heating your swimming pool create costly utility bills. Install our Solar Pool Heating Systems to convert the sun’s free energy into heat for your swimming pool. Once installed, it virtually runs itself!

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Extend Your Swimming Season

Gain optimum temperatures with our Solar Pool Heating System and retain that heat with a solar pool cover during cool nights. You can add up to 2 weeks or more to both ends of the swimming pool season. Swim comfortably and for longer!

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We provide 100% Canadian-made, UV and weather resistant solar panels that are virtually maintenance free, and backed by an 18 year
pro-rated manufacturer warranty. Support your local community and environment!

Why Choose Us?

Terranovasolar is committed to provide you with the best customer service experience in solar heating energy solutions for your swimming pool, while helping you discover green energy solutions for your home. Our dedicated staff is ready to give you the advice and tools you need to maximize your swimming pool experience.

We provide professional working configurations that are aesthetically custom-designed to meet your needs, and backed by an installation warranty. Our panels are 100% Canadian made, UV and weather resistant and are virtually maintenance free, plus, backed by an 18 year pro-rated manufacturer warranty.

Why choose Terranovasolar swimming pool heating panels.
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Swim comfortably in your heated pool.

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